Easter and Preaching the Gospel

This has been a very interesting and satisfying week, ending today, Easter Sunday. During the day this week, we worked on LDS Charity projects – wheelchairs and clean water.  However, in the evening, we had the wonderful opportunity to go out with the missionaries and visit some people they are teaching.  It really took me back to the days of my mission as a young man some 40 years ago in Georgia and Alabama.

Here we are with Sister Hyde (Houston, TX) and Sister Ratunuman (Orange County, CA).  We are visiting with Ibu Dede and her four kids.  It was wonderful to be in her humble home (what you see is it – I’m at the front door and they are sitting on the bed that all of them sleep on.)  She and her kids will be baptized in May!

The next evening DeeAnn was able to go out with Sister Hyde and Ratunuman again. Sister Ratunuman was born in Indonesia to Indonesian parents, but was raised in Southern California and is just learning the language!  I was able to go out with Elder DiNuzzo (Modesto, CA) and Elder Anderson (Salt Lake City).  They’ve been teaching a man who is struggling with his faith and is not sure if there is a God or if Jesus Christ was who He said He was.  While every person has to come to their own understanding and realization, it was nevertheless good to be able to testify to him of the truth of the Gospel and of the peace the Gospel can bring.  I encouraged him to continue reading and praying and to watch this video:


The next evening DeeAnn and I went out with Sister Foulsang (Melbourne, AU) and Sister Tanner (Los Angeles, CA) and visited one of their investigators, which happens to be the mother of a member in the Solo 2nd Ward.  It was a great experience to again testify of the truth of the Gospel!  What was also nice was to bear my testimony in Bahasa Indonesian to all the people we visited.  Pretty short and to the point and very simple, but it felt good to be able to speak in their language.  I hope they understood!

Today  was Easter Sunday and I was asked to speak in Church in the Bandung Branch.  A fairly simple message on how Jesus is the Savior of the world and how His resurrection broke the bands of death for all of us.  Since we cannot overcome our sins and shortcomings on our own, it is necessary to overcome them by making His atonement effective in our lives by accepting Him, repenting and following His commandments.

On this Easter Sunday I testify that He lives and that He is real.


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