Indonesia from the Train…

We took the train again to Bandung to spend Easter with the Bandung Branch.  The beauty of the Indonesian countryside is truly astounding – and to say the “pictures don’t do it justice” is a colossal understatement.  I was thinking today that it looks like a set from a movie or Disneyland, designed to look like the Indonesian countryside, but then I realized – ‘this is the real deal’.    Heavenly Father’s handiwork is beautiful and beyond amazing…

But pics are all I have, so here they are:

Terraced rice fields in a valley
Working the rice paddies
Miniature mushola – a prayer room
One of the thousands of volcanoes here
Terraced rice paddies with a shaded rest area
A larger masjid – mosque – in the jungle




Looking straight down…
Working right next to the tracks
Typical trackside home
Imagine living RIGHT by the tracks.
More typical housing near the tracks

3 thoughts on “Indonesia from the Train…”

  1. Ate first we were surprised to see laundry drying on fences everywhere but got use to it. The one that sticks in my mind was on the fence between the opposing lanes on the main road in Jakarta. I could not imagine crossing that busy street to put out and take down your laundry. Thanks again for sharing your adventure. You are becoming real pros at traveling by train…have you ever thought of riding on top with the non-paying passengers? ; o)


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