Sate Cobra

On the drive back to Solo from Sragen (more about that later), we started talking about some of the food unique to Solo.  Indonesia is such a large and diverse country, all the regions and islands have their own culture, dress, music, dance and especially food.  Two foods that are unique to Solo are anjing (dog) and ular (snake).  So, adventurous souls that we are (me probably more than DeeAnn), we decided to stop for Sate Cobra:



Picking out just the right snake for us.  She buys bags of snakes from the snake catchers who catch them in the forest and sugar cane fields.
Here’s a good one!  About 3 feet long.
Step 1 – off with their head
Step 2 – drain the blood into a glass (and put the heart in there too) for those who are especially adventurous.  I couldn’t do it…but Sutarno did.
Step 3 – skinning
Step 4 – Cutting off the meat
Step 5 – putting the meat on the skewer
Step 6 – grilling it.  The dark meat skewer on the left is the snake’s liver.  She normally puts a little liver on each meat skewer, but we passed…. 
Step 7 – eating Sate Cobra


Ok so the verdict – Sate Cobra is VERY chewy and almost tough.  It’s cooked with a sweet soy sauce / peanut sauce (like most sate’s) so it glazes on when the meat cooks.  The sauce is really good, but the meat was really chewy.  We gave the liver skewer and the glass of blood/heart to Sutarno, who of course, ate it and drank it.  He’s like Mikey of the old commercials – he’ll eat anything.

Literal snake oil…she takes what’s left of the snake and cook sit down into an oil, which supposedly is good for itching skin, mosquito bites, etc.  So I bought some.

The Sate was 50,000 ($3.75) and the snake oil was 10,000 ($.75).  A King Cobra (the kind you see in pictures with the hood is 500,000.)

Now when someone asks ‘did you eat any strange food in Indonesia’? we can say, “does Cobra count”?  It’s all part of the adventure!



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