Clean Water – Banyuanyar

The Banyuanyar project has been underway for over a year now and has had a few  with several setbacks – first the drill broke, then they hit unexpected rock, then they had to go deeper than originally planned, then there was trouble getting the electricity installed, then a few weather delays, etc.  But finally, the well is done, the holding tank is done, the tank stand is done (but still no tank) and some of the piping is laid.  But the work continues!

the well is done and pumping nicely
The holding tank is done. 
The tank tower is done, but the 8,000 liter storage tank is not installed yet. 
The electricity is finally installed 
An army of kids followed us around – some of the pipe is laid and is under the concrete 
Switch valves
State of the art bamboo ladder
Pipe being laid below Aris feet.  Giant elephant ears….

About 750 meters of the 5,000 meters of pipe is laid.  The community members are laying the pipe and will be responsible to connect each home and install a meter.  About 650 homes will be eventually be connected, affecting about 3,000 people!  This is a great project!  Anticipated completion of pipe laying is late May / early June, with a closing ceremony sometime in July, since Ramadan is May 27 – June 25.  It is the month that Muslims fast during the day (and feast in the evenings), so there are not a lot of meetings or activities planned during the month.


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