Anjing (Dog)

Our list of exotic foods tried grows.  One of the other unique foods in Solo is dog – prepared in a number of ways.  Since we are still in the adventurous mode, we stopped for lunch today at a place that specializes in dog.  (I know, the puns are endless – French Poodle Fricassee, Schnauzer on a Stick,  Baked Beagle, Spicy Spaniel, Curried Canine – call it what you will…)  We went with Anjing Goreng (fried) – and the breed was not identified.

The Bulldog logo is universal …Masakan GukGuk is ‘food of the barking dog”

OK, OK – don’t start in on me….please spare me the ‘how could you….’?  I know that Americans don’t eat dog – but lots of people in lots of other countries do, including Indonesia.  They need protein.  They also eat bat, monkey, squirrel and I suspect some places eat rat.  Now, there are some things that I won’t eat, and I will draw the line somewhere (probably health-driven), but I chose to give it a try.  As I often say, it’s all part of the adventure and eating dog certainly is part of it.

These places don’t scour the neighborhoods for dogs – they just get them from the local “dog farm” – places in Solo that raise dogs specifically for restaurants.  The tough part for me was not eating the dog, but imagining the conditions in these dog farms.  I haven’t been to one, but having seen enough of Indonesia to know I’m 99% confident that they can’t be good, so I tried not to think about it.

IMG_7330 (1)
LOTS of bones
With the nasi (rice) and chili
DeeAnn ate one bite, but couldn’t stop thinking about Beau – our poodle of 16 years.  That was it – she couldn’t eat any more, so she ate rice.
I ate mine….not bad and would have it again
Lots of people here
The place was pretty full
The kitchen
Coki, Sutarno, and us.  “Extreem Kuliner” (Extreme Culinary) – i suppose it is….

Ok the verdict – it’s not bad.  No, it doesn’t taste like chicken – more like beef or goat.  It was fairly tender, although fried has too many bones.  I would have preferred sate – which is just meat and grilled.  The other method is like a stroganoff – cooked long and slow with a thick sauce over rice.  I’m told most of this style tends to be ”pedas’ (hot) so if it were ‘tidak pedas’ (no heat), that would probably be ok.  That being said, I probably won’t go out of my way to have it, but I’ll eat it if served.  Sort of like sushi!  Yes, because it is culturally difficult for Americans, you have to not think about it – not unlike “mountain oysters” (look it up if you don’t know what those are).

Total cost was 98,000 Rp ($7.50) for 4 lunches.  That included water, 2 drinks, rice and the meat.


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