Wheelchair Fitting – Solo

Monday we came to Surakarta (aka ‘Solo’) where UCP/RUK (our Indonesia wheelchair partner) was conducting a wheelchair fitting.  We were there primarily to observe their training techniques and to make sure they are following the recommended training procedures.

The fitting is where the clients actually receive the chair they were assessed for (about a a month ago), and the chair is ‘fit’ to the client and adjusted for its’ maximum effectiveness.  This is absolutely critical because if done incorrectly, an improperly fit chair can cause serious problems, primarily pressure sores.  If left untreated, pressure sores can have fatal consequences.

DeeAnn with Damai, the UCP coordinator
Client being trained in the proper use of their chair.  The checklist is in the technicians hand
Young man getting a new chair.  Most of the clients today were young kids with CP  
This lady was just smiling and laughing the whole time! 
Zohar is 12 and has CP and is hydroencephalic.  Her mother told us she she could walk, talk and feed herself until age 5, then got a bladder infection and went into a coma.  After that, she was unable to walk or talk.  She sleeps from 8-11 pm, then is awake until 4-5 am and the parents have to sit up with her.  Very tough…they are really to be admired. 
This lady had a stroke three years ago and has been in bed since then.  The daughter decided it was time to get her up and moving, so she is getting a chair.  She is so excited to be mobile and is to be able to go outside! 
So appreciative!
Logos on the back of every chair.  The top is our partner, UCP/RUK (United Cerebral Palsy / Wheels for Humanity);  The left one is the local government that is sponsoring the distribution; the one on the right is LDS Charities.  
Danni, Deby and Rina, three teachers at the Jakarta School of Prosthetics.  They were there being trained in proper wheelchair fitting since this is also important their world.    Deby and Rina are married and have a 5-year old.
Fitting a CP client with a support chair.
Happy client!

LDSC distributes a LOT of chairs around the world and we are grateful to be able to be a part of it here in Indonesia.  As you can imagine, it’s so rewarding seeing the difference having a chair makes in peoples lives – not only in the client, but in the parents and caregivers.  Mobility is everything!

It’s a wonderful opportunity and blessing for DeeAnn and I to be able to be Humanitarian Missionaries with one of our responsibilities to work with the wheelchair program of the Church.  I absolutely believe that helping the poor and disabled in situations like this (among many others) is what the Savior would do if He were here.


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