A quick post about Martabak, the definitive Indonesian dessert.  Basically, it’s cake batter (plain, red velvet, etc.) fried in a cast iron pan, then covered in “butter” (actually margarine), chocolate (or other toppings), sweetened condensed milk, cut in half and stacked, then served.  Pretty tasty, but ridiculously rich.  Sort of like a really thick pancake.  Unlike other street food in Indonesia, martabak is not terribly cheap – this small one was 118,000 Rp ($8.75).

IMG_6999  IMG_6847


Getting covered in margarine


We got red velvet, with half peanut butter, half chocolate.  The crushed chocolate bar is at the bottom


Cut in half, and stacked, ready to serve.  No that is not a worm, it’s peanut butter


One piece is plenty….


Our driver/translator Rian.  We gave the rest to him to take home.


2 responses to “Martabak”

  1. Bill and Mary Pier says :

    You are brave…we never tried that when we were there…


    • davidlbuell says :

      Not really – martabak is pretty tame – it’s just a rich pancake. There’s lots of things that are a lot more risky than that! Stay tuned – I’ll be posting with examples….


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