Sayap Ibu / Dr. Titi

Today we visited Yaysan Sayap Ibu, an orphanage in Tangerang that LDSC has helped in the past.  Most of the kids have CP, autism or other physical and mental issues, so they have a huge task.  We visited here a couple months ago, but we weren’t able to put the right project together.  We know they need help, so we were back to refine our approach and so they could refine their request.

They definitely need some lockers and cabinets to help keep their therapy room organized.  They are also going to put together a list of other things they might need.



After our visit to Sayayp Ibu, we went to the hospital to visit with Dr. Titi.  Her husband had 8-way by-pass surgery yesterday, so she was pretty drained worrying about him.

IMG-20170405-02082 (1)
We weren’t able to go into the ICU, so she wanted a pic of us to show him we had come by to visit.  

Thankfully, his surgery went well and he is expected to be moved into a regular room on Friday.  We will go back to see him then.

Side note – an example of the craziness of Jakarta traffic and the street system:  on our drive from Sayap Ibu to the hospital, we were following Google Maps.  As we got close, GM showed 14 minutes to arrival, but unfortunately, our exit was closed for construction (a common occurrence) so we were re-routed.  The new arrival time was now 1 hour and 5 minutes!  There’s just no easy way to get anywhere, and certainly no fast way!  For example, almost always, the only way to make a right turn is to make a left, go a mile or so (sometimes longer) and find a way to make a U-turn and go back.  Then, if the building you want is on the other side of the street (the streets are almost always divided), you have to repeat the process – go past it however far you have to go to make another U-turn, then go back to.  Patience is a good trait to have here.  Tidak Apa Apa!


4 thoughts on “Sayap Ibu / Dr. Titi”

      1. True enough and on a square grid of streets, it’s really easy. Jakarta is the opposite of a square grid and it is absolutely impossible to make 3 lefts that result in a right!


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