Odds & Ends

Sunday mornings are when the fancy cars come out – Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.  This is a McLaren
Betty’s family business…..(I suspect you have to be older to get this one….)
Jason’s is the grocery store for expats who live in the Office 8 complex, the high rise next to our office.  There’s two small restaurants inside Jason’s – Ichiro’s (Japanese) and Madam Ching’s (Vietnamese).  Here we are at Madam Ching’s.
Br. Mac, one of the first members of the Church in Indonesia, baptized in 1971.
Have to take pics of these guys!



Getting ready for the office devotional, held every Monday morning at 9:00 am.  
We had our good friends Tessa and Ezra Subandriyo over for dinner Saturday – they adopted a little baby boy 2 weeks ago and we are so excited for them!  His name is Keaka (Hawaiian for “a gift from God”)
DeeAnn got to play Grandma!
When the “freeway” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) is like this (which is almost all the time), the vendors come right out on it and sell fruit, peanuts and tofu.
This is right next to Chez Rushdi (my sate guy).  He scrapes the coconut meat out and makes it into the milky sweet, iced coconut drink you see in the tank
Hey,  they’re not renting movies, so I’m sure Red Box would have no problem with these guys selling water….

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