Zone Conference

Every 6 weeks or so, missionaries come together for a day of meetings and training known as zone conference.  This past week was a combined zone conference with Jakarta Zone and Batagor (Bandung, Tangerang and Bogor) Zone.

It was a good conference – President encouraged us to remember who we represent and to be about the Lord’s errand.  There’s lots of things that can distract from what we should be doing, so be aware of what can take away our focus.  There was of course, much more than this,


President Rowley training
Elder and Sister Jensen talking about finances and apartment safety (smoke alarms, etc.)
Indonesian Elders enjoying a snack
A smaller group – the sisters will often wear matching batik skirts and the Elders will, of course, wear matching white shirts – and occasionally batik ties
Elder and Sister Jensen, the new office couple from Idaho Falls
Elder and Sister Buell, the old Humanitarian couple from Carthage, MO


President challenged Elder Lasolosi to a push up contest.  Since Elder Lasolosi is a big, young Samoan, President got an age and size handicap, so he won! 
President giving “elbow bumps”
A few Elders and Sisters can put away a serious amount of pizza and donuts!  Since there was no rice served, it was just a snack.
Waiting for taxi’s, buses, Uber and angkots

3 thoughts on “Zone Conference”

  1. I wonder how many will understand your snack comment? Has elder Buell lost some weight? Thanks for sharing thoughts and photos…


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