Odds & Ends

Collecting cardboard to make some money  


Shopkeeper sound asleep
Papa Ron’s, Papa John’s, close enough…..”most delicious, indeed”
Little sidewalk “diners”, you just take what you want.  They’re a little risky, health-wise, so we leave them alone.
Go-Jek drivers waiting for their rides outside Semanggi Plaza mall.
A little food cart appeared outside the Church in Semarang when they realized a small crowd would be there.
Grand Lucky, the store where we usually shop for groceries.  It’s a fairly large store, offering a pretty good selection of foods for foreigners who live here.  Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and they even have pork (very unusual here.)  Some American foods are readily available at reasonable prices, and some are not so much – they wanted $8.50 for a can of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder. 

Waiting for our Uber the other day, we watched a constant stream of really interesting traffic:




We love it!

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