Bandung Odds & Ends


The bike on the left – carrying greenery of some kind…


There’s a million motorcycles in Indonesia, so there are a million tire shops just like this one.


Such a typical corner store….


When Br. Edi was driving us, he took this shortcut.  It’s a good thing he knew where we were…


Schoolgirls walking home


Teenagers in love – even here….


This Vespa is ancient…


Right across the street from Bina Anugrah school was this lady sweeping her ‘yard’ .

Across the street from the Church is a large taman (park).  Today was a holiday, so there were a lot of people out enjoying the nice day, so DeeAnn and I went for a short walk around the park


She was excited to have her and her sons’ foto taken by the Bule’s


The food carts are ever-present and everywhere, 24/7


Serving bakso (meatball) soup….


Grandma with cucu on a kiddie ride.


At the park was a little flea market and I bought this really cool, very old wood topeng (mask).  They are used in Javanese or Balinese topeng dances and by appearance, I’m told the buck teeth indicate this was probably a character in the dance that provided comic relief.  It cost a whopping 20,000 Rupiah ($1.50)  (It actually looks cooler in person than in this pic!)


Houses along railroad tracks are the same around the world – they are typically where the less fortunate have to live….


A tiring travel day – train back to Jakarta, taxi to airport, flight to Semarang


When we checked into the hotel, there was a country band playing off the lobby.  These guys were REALLY good and they had a song list of 428 (!!) OLD country songs.  The songs were all in English (a few in Spanish) but they didn’t speak a lick of English!  

Tomorrow we’re working with Limbs for the Limbless – they were here a month ago to measure and assess and tomorrow they will fit the limbs to the recipients.  Should be a great day!

2 responses to “Bandung Odds & Ends”

  1. MaryandBill Pier says :

    Thanks for all the photos…they bring back great memories. Keep your eye out for live ducks, sheep, and, among other things, hogs on the back of a motorcycle


    • davidlbuell says :

      Yeah we saw the live chickens the other day from the taxi (DeeAnn got a not-very-good pic because it was past us before she could take it). If you’re not ready all the time, SO many pics are lost. I’ve missed some great ones….


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