Bandung Open House

Today was a holiday in Indonesia, so the Bandung Branch decided to have an Open House – which is just as it sounds – the doors are opened with displays around the building describing the various activities of the Church – Relief Society, Primary, Priesthood, etc. and we had a Humanitarian display as well.


The Elders decided to hang it in a different spot
The Elders decided to hang the sign in a different place…
The landscaping is very nice



Interesting couple of guys who wanted us to sing Amazing Grace with them…so we did
Br. Hanking, was the very fist member in Bandiung, baptized in 1970.  Sis. Asee is a local member.
Kids entertaining themselves in the Primary room.
Br, Mongan talking with a Catholic visitor
Playing the piano during a quiet period…
Priscilla McDonald (right) was raised in Indonesia and has been in Boston for 25 years – and she has a very heavy Boston accent to prove it!  She was here with her cousin (Artina, left) who runs a boutique in Jakarta selling hand embroidered batik (she’s wearing it).  They were in the neighborhood because they wanted to find their relative’s house, which the Church purchased and remodeled in 1975.  She was thrilled it looked so good, was being used for a good purpose and had not fallen into disrepair. 
Me, the Elders, and two local members,  Sis Anis, (on the right) insists that we come to her home next time we are in Bandung.
An outdoor baptismal font – pretty unusual for an LDS Church.

There was a pretty steady flow of visitors throughout the day and we had a lot of opportunity to talk about what we do.  It was a great day and a great opportunity to talk about the Gospel and about the Humanitarian work.


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