A Great Sunday

Today was a couple of firsts – we used Uber for the first time to go to Tangerang (a suburb of Jakarta) this morning to attend Tangerang 1st Ward for the first time.  (President Rowley asked us to attend there when we were in Jakarta.)

Uber is much cheaper than a taxi, but can be a little tricky to use here, because the driver will call to confirm and it’s highly unlikely they will speak English.  So….we just made sure we had someone handy to speak Bahasa to the driver.  The ride out was 150,000 Rp. (or about $11, and a taxi probably would have been 2x.

Tangerang 1st Ward is a great ward and we will enjoy going there.

After Church, the Relief Society celebrated the 175th anniversary of the founding of the organization.  (The Relief Society, the Church’s women’s organization, is the oldest women’s organization in the world.)  They sang “As Sisters in Zion” at the opening of the meeting, so DeeAnn just got up with them!


Complete with a cake:


And of course, no celebration in Indonesia is complete without food and Nasi Tempung, the cone of yellow rice:



DeeAnn getting some food!
Hey, I want some of that!
Ini (a new member), Sister Widobo (from Solo, Indonesia), Sister Anderson (from Chicago, IL)  and Mei Neingollan, who just finished her mission a month ago.

Since Dr. Titi lives in Tangerang, and we’ve been trying to see her, we thought this was a good opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ – we’ll be right there, right?  Hah….  Tangerang is a “suburb” of Jakarta, BUT, Jakarta is huge and so are its’ suburbs.  It was an hour taxi ride from the Church to her home!  ‘Close’ is relative!

She has a beautiful garden, including this butterfly orchid
She wanted me to pull up a casava, so I did
Casava is a popular root vegetable they boil, fry, mash, sweeten, etc.

She fed us dinner and everything we had was from her garden!

A nice afternoon sitting on her back porch visiting about her hospital (RS Lestari Ibu & Anak) and LDS Charities.  Her husband is having heart surgery in two weeks, so we will pray for him.  As we told her before we left,  we are better people for knowing her and her husband.

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