Quiet / Odds & Ends

After we got back from Jogja on Tuesday, I got (and still have) the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life.  I had to get some financial stuff done, so we’ve been going to the office for a few hours each day, but it’s been no fun.  I hate being sick…but it has made it a quiet week.

Next week, however, will be busy – we visit our assigned Ward tomorrow (Tangerang 1st)  for the first time, then see Dr. Titi, since her hospital is in Tangerang.  Then Monday off to Bandung for an Open House, Semarang for a prosthetic fitting, then Zone Conference.

So some missionary news: it was an interesting morning – we went swimming as usual and I wound up teaching a first discussion in the pool!  A friend that is always there (Jeffrey) started asking questions, so we answered them.  We would have done that anyway (whether or not we were on a mission), but we don’t get a lot of chances to teach the Gospel as Humanitarian missionaries, so it was fun!

In the meantime, a few random pics:

A little sweety with her cartoon hijab/burqua
A family of four on a bike.  Still looking for one with five – I saw one, but didn’t get the pic.    (I’ve been told of six, but that would be asking too much!) 
Chickens on display but no refrigeration…..
Bulk eggs for sale – I always wonder how many break when people buy a bag…
Our favorite security guard Ardi.  He’s always smiling, except when you take his pic…So, I got him to crack up and DeeAnn got the pic….
Ardi is a guard at the security entrance (under the canopy) to the Aryaduta 
“Out with the old, in with the new”.  The Moss’s (on the left) are going home Tuesday, so we took them to dinner tonight.  The Jensen’s came from Idaho Falls to replace them.



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