Odds & Ends

Elder and Sister Smith (the Church wheelchair specialists) arrived Saturday to meet with UCP-RUK, our Indonesian wheelchair partner.  We just met ourselves Saturday and discussed our agenda, then went to Church on Sunday.  After Church on Sunday, there were NO taxi’s, except the becak (bike taxis) or bentor (powered bike taxis).  Since it was quite a way back to the hotel, we found a couple bentor – but the seats are very small:

Sister Smith and DeeAnn
The second was even smaller, so only I would fit.
Going the wrong way up the street for a block.  No biggie….
After our meeting on Monday, Sister Smith wanted some batik fabric for a quilt.  Down the street from the hotel is an entire block of fabric stores like this – one after the other.  If you can’t find the fabric you want, it doesn’t exist.  She did, for 48,000 Rp/meter (about $3.25 a yard).
A banana vendor outside the fabric store.  We gave her 50,000 Rp for a bunch (she only asked for  10,000)
Warong – street food vendor
Ad in the hotel elevator “enticing” us to eat in their restaurant.  Not so appetizing…

Our meeting with UCP-RUK went well.  They have some issues that we are trying to help them with – reporting followup, etc. but all in all, they are a good partner.  They distribute a lot of wheelchairs in Indonesia and we certainly appreciate their efforts!


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