No sooner back from Bandung that we needed to go out to Bogor, about an hour and a quarter commuter train ride from Jakarta.  ($.50 each for a round trip ticket.)  They had a flood there a couple weeks ago and a school lost a retaining wall and resultant flood swept across their parking lot and wiped out about 100 student motorcycles, then a couple houses next door, and a lady and her daughter were killed.  The school was told there was no more budget, so the principal, who knows a couple members of the Church, asked if LDS Charities could help.  Without the wall, he’s worried about security of the school, so he really wants it fixed.  So we went to take a look:

You can see the rubble from the downed wall
It’s no wonder the wall gave way – it was paper thin….
The wall is to the left – the water came across this playground where motorcycles were parked…
and proceeded to take out the houses next to it.
this is the house where the two were killed
I guess Bogor High School are the “Fighting Chickens”
Beautiful courtyard in the middle of the school
Parking lot
We were treated to a private concert of traditional Sundanese music (called gamalang).  The  the gong (in the back), bonang (the lidded pots) and the sarong (xylophone).  Beautiful!
from left – Arnold and Asa (2 LDS students at the school), Anita (an LDS member of the city council), me, Saraya (school principal), DeeAnn, Sister Mongan and Jemmy Mongan, the LDS contact in Bogor that set up the appointment.

It came out even though the government claimed there was no budget, the governor promised them some funds to help fix the wall – not all, but some.  And the alumni association is also going to help, so the question is ‘how much more do they need’?  We suggested a fund-raising talent show to see if the parents could raise the rest – and they asked if DeeAnn and I would sing (and play guitar), so we said sure!  I doubt if that will happen, but if it does, we’ll do it!  So we’ll see how much they are talking about and see what we can do.

After our tour of the school came lunch at a Sundanese restaurant.  The grilled fish was outstanding, as were the bean sprouts and greens.  The mashed coconut/vegetable dish, umm…not so much.

Ours was one of the few tables with chairs; most of the tables you sit cross-legged on the floor…
The pond was alive with big lele (catfish)
Iced durian fruit – pieces of durian with ice and cheese.  Durian is an “acquired taste”. (Google ‘durian’) 
Of course I ate it – DeeAnn however, would not.

After lunch we had a meeting with the Mayor of Bogor to talk about LDS Charities and the various programs  we have going on.  Specifically, we talked about those programs that are happening in or near his city, so he was very appreciative of those projects.  We also inquired  about joining the Interfaith Committee, and he invited Jemmy (who is on the Public Affairs committee for Indonesia) to contact the group.  So with the Mayor’s endorsement, Jemmy can now contact the group and tell them the Mayor requested he join the group!

The group with the Mayor
The Chief of Police wanted a foto.  Now if we have a problem in Bogor, we know the Chief!
A street vendor outside the train station
They do their best to keep the trains clean – mopping the floor 
Sweeping and picking up the trash

2 thoughts on “Bogor”

  1. I imagine you know this but if you want to play golf just ask Jemmy Mongan – he plays all over the world. It is interesting that you take the train…in the past welfare missionaries had a car and driver always at their disposal.


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