Headed off to Bandung again to check a couple of potential projects and to visit a few folks in the Bandung Branch.  Last summer, LDS Charities helped the Bina Anugrah School in Lembang (a suburb of Bandung).  This school has about 46 kids with various disabilities and ailments (CP, autism, blindness, missing limbs, etc.)    At that time, LDSC drilled a new water well.  Now, it seems the schools restroom is ok for kids without physical problems, but if they are in a wheelchair, or need more space, the current situation is not working.  So we visited with Ibu Iis (the school principal) and her husband (Heri) in their home.


As is typical in Indonesia, when you visit someone’s home, they bring out all kinds of treats, drinks, snacks, etc.  So they brought out hot milk spiced with ginger, cookies, and fried bananas.

They will prepare a proposal to build out a new toilet and we will sub it that to Hong Kong!

Last week, a retaining wall near Br. Edi’s home broke after heavy rains and flooded a number of homes in his neighborhood.  The government will take care of the repair of the wall, so the only thing left was the damage to any homes.  But, as it turns out, everyone is back in their home and everything is drying out, so there is little to do.


Br. Edi’s humble home
Neighborhood kids

While we were touring the neighborhood, we heard the drums of a marching band.  So we had to go check it out – and lo and behold, here was the local high school “marching band”.  They have the percussion, but there are no horns – only melodicas.  (Brass instruments are too expensive.)


But they do have flag twirlers!
Br. Edi, his wife Lisa and daughter Lavona (almost 8).  We stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner and Lavonna had her favorite, hot dog pizza (yes it’s true….)

The next morning, we visited a couple members – Br. Santosa, the Elder’s Quorum President.  He was recently in a motorcycle accident and broke his collar bone and four ribs.  Br. Edi was also in a motorcycle accident 2 months ago and broke his collar bone, and I of course, fell over the stairs a week ago and broke a couple ribs.  So there were three of us in not good shape!

Br. Santosa on the left.  The family in back were relatives from Bekasi.  As usual, out came the treats….
The long one is calor gabus (kind of sweet); the flat chip is kucai (tastes kind of like a tortilla chip); the curly one is lanting (slightly sweet).  All very crunchy and tasty!
You’ve heard of food trucks – here’s a food trike.  

Saturday afternoon we met with Dr. Tina, the head of the midwife school in Bandung.  She is wanting a couple of training mannequins for her school and we are working on getting those for her.

We attended Church in the Bandung Branch, a small Branch that simply needs more members.  About the time they have some baptisms, other people move out, so with the turnover, there is no net gain.  Very frustrating for them….



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