Puspadi Bali

Puspadi Bali is an NGO that helps Balinese with various disabilities – I won’t go into a lot of detail here (check out their website at http://www.puspadibali.org) but they are doing a great work with the poor and disabled of Bali.

We met with Nengah Latrah (the founder) and his associate Stephanie Fitzgerald, an Australian working on an internship with PB.


PB is an NGO within Inspirasia, itself a larger NGO, all of which is housed in the Annika Linden Center.  Inspirasia was started by Mark Weingard after his fiance Annika Linden was killed in the Bali terrorist bomb blast of 2002.

PB was started in 1999 by Nengah Latra, who was disabled himself in a serious fire before.a few years.

As we were touring the facility, we came on this old sign in the trash pile, so I dug it out and had him take a foto with it!

Pusbadi Bali gets their chairs from UCP, who gets their chairs from LDS Charities, so PB is already our ‘sub’partner.

A new batch of 3-wheeled, rough terrain chairs ready for distribution


PB prosthetics are more modern than those from Limbs for the Limbless, but no more or less functional.
Abi explaining the leg design to DeeAnn.  He is a recent graduate of the Jakarta Technical School of Prosthetics and speaks excellent English.
Tali is a prosthesis technician

PB manufactures the prosthetics and use what appears to be a little better technology than YP Tuna Daksa, our prosthetics partner in Jakarta.

We spent a couple hours here with Stephanie and Pak Latrah (“Pak” is a respectful term in Bahasa and means “sir” or a formal “Mr”. )  We really do want to find a way to partner with them and advance their work.



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