Bali – a picture of contrasts

After completing their training in Pandeglang, Dr’s Groberg and Visick (and wives) headed off to Bali for a respite before they flew home.  We had never been, and it’s only a 1.5 hour flight from Jakarta, so we joined them for a couple days and also to visit Puspadi Bali, a potential partner.  We saw some beautiful scenery and had a nice couple days, but the highlight of the trip was our visit to Puspadi Bali – more on that later as it will have its own post.

A few comments about Bali – it is indeed as beautiful as its reputation.  It has been written about in books, seen in movies, shown in countless pictures.  It is the feature of Indonesian tourism advertising – all for good reason.  The resorts are spectacular and beautiful.  And of course, it is very expensive by Indonesian standards.  However, it is a wicked contrast to the rest of Indonesia – it is the definition of the ‘haves vs. the have-not’s’.  (Not dissimilar to many resorts around the world compared to the community outside the gates – Cancun, Mexico, Pukhet, Thailand, or lots of others.)  Places where the locals are a part of it only because they work there.  In what we do, we see so much of the “have-not” side, it’s difficult to spend a lot of time in the middle of the “have” side.

I will post some random pics over the next few posts of what we saw , but here are a few for now:

The open air lobby of the Inaya Putri Bali hotel
From the beach looking back at the hotel
The beach
Sunrise over the pool



The majority of Bali is Hindu, so there are statues of Hindu gods and Hindu temples everywhere.


Orchids everywhere on the hotel grounds
Everywhere are “offerings” to the gods – outside of homes, businesses, restaurants, temples, etc.
A little band roamed the beach.  They came into the restaurant and rumor has it I borrowed the guitar and played a rousing rendition of “La Bamba” with them.  Not confirming or denying….
Dave and the Bali Bandits

Side note – Bali is quite hot – hotter than I expected.  There are also not a lot of Americans or Canadians here because it is a long, difficult trip of 30+ hours to get here.  It is however, very popular with Australians/New Zealanders and Asians, which is only a 4-6 hour flight.

















One thought on “Bali – a picture of contrasts”

  1. Tough duty but someone has to do it. Since you do not mention the monkeys stealing your cameras, glasses or hats you made it through with only gaining a few unwanted fellow travelers that got washed down the drain. Thanks for sharing this adventure it brings back great memories.


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