Broken Ribs and an Allergic Reaction

When we were in Pandglang, I had an unfortunate altercation with the stairs – I went over them and fell to the next floor.

I’m walking up the stairs close to the wall.  The little ridge sticking out caught my shoulder and knocked me off balance and I lost my balance and stepped toward the railing, facing it.  I hit the railing about thigh level harder than I thought, because I flipped right over it…down to the next level:
I landed on the inside rail, straddling it (yes it’s true….), then fell to the stairs.  I broke the ribs either when I hit the railing or when I ht the stairs.  Either way, it hurt….  

Clearly, it could have been a LOT worse, and thankfully, it was not.  A couple broken ribs, a bruised inner thigh, a sore shoulder and elbow and a bruised ego….It’s a little tough to breathe, cough and laugh, but they will heal – they have before.

But, broken ribs or not, we keep moving.  We left Pandeglang early so we could visit with the Mayor of Bogor (a suburb of Jakarta) and the principal of a school who had received some damage in a recent flood.  As it turns out,  we will not be able to meet with them until next Tuesday, so we spent a few days in the office trying to catch up.

No sooner had we gotten home that I had a pretty good reaction to an antibiotic – this is a first, since I’ve never been allergic to the ‘ciilen’s before.  Nevertheless, here it is:

I know, gross….



So that was no fun… no more Amoxicillin for me…If you were to ask me, ‘So, Dave, was this your week’?  I would say, ‘uh….no’.





3 thoughts on “Broken Ribs and an Allergic Reaction”

  1. You said they had healed before…do you make a habit of falling down stairs and breaking ribs? Hope your injuries and reaction to anti-biotics clear up quickly. BTW – I notice that you are enjoying the rainy season…loved the pictures of the motorcycles traveling through the water!


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