HBB/HMS – Day 3 – and a close call…

Yesterday, we had received word that there had been a flood in Bogor (a suburb of Jakarta) where there had been 3 deaths and some damage to a school.  The Mayor and the school principal asked if we could help, so we decided we would leave early and go there.  So we made arrangements to leave and the team stayed to continue their training course.

The day started normally with breakfast and as we were going back to our rooms, I tripped on the stairs and lost my balance.  Before I knew it, I had gone over the railing and landed on the stairs below.  So, I didn’t fall down the stairs, I fell over the stair railing and down….Clearly, this could have had not-so-good results – (‘broken bad’ as they say – no pun intended) but the Lord watches over those on His errand.  A bruised thigh and sore ribs and elbow, but thankfully I’m ok.  Scared DeeAnn to death….Bottom line: old people aren’t supposed to fall down, let alone fall over stairs to the flight below!

Vanessa had gone down the stairs and we were walking up, so she got to watch me fall down to her level.  I told her it was good thing I didn’t land on her or that she didn’t try to catch me…   
See – I’m fine.  Headed out – a great team…

So we are back in Jakarta and will head to Bogor tomorrow….



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