HBB / HMS – Day 1

The US team from the HBB (Helping Babies Breathe) and HMS (Helping Mothers Survive) program is here to train a large group from Perinasia, the Indonesian Pediatric Association.  Dr’s Visick, Groberg and Lindsay and Tonya, a Nurse Practitioner will train Dr’s Nurses and midwives in the speciil technique of neonatal resuscitation.

They arrived into Jakarta late Sunday night (actually 2:00 am Monday) and after a short night, met at the mission home on Senopati. Dr. Groberg is the former Mission President here (2010-2013) so everyone at the Mission Office was really lookoing forward to seeing him and his wife.  (For those of you who remember the movie ‘The Other Side of Heaven’ about the LDS missionary to Tonga, this Dr. Groberg is the real younger brother of the movie’s Elder Groberg.  Side note – the Other Side of Heaven starred a VERY young Anne Hathaway.)

After a going-away lunch for Elder and Sister Baird, we loaded up the Blue Bird Bus and we were on our way to Pandeglang, 3 hours away.


We sort of ordered a bus way larger than we needed.  Oh well….we had plenty of room!
Perinasia is the Indonesian Pediatric Association, Dinas Kesehetan is the local health department, and of course, LDS Charities
The cover of the workbook
Dr’s Groberg, Visick and Lindsey
The kickoff meeting with Perinasia and the team
The class is starting to gather
Dr. Visick and Dr. Tari, head of Perinasia.  Sweetest lady in the world….
“Students” really paying attention.  They really aren’t students as they are already Dr’s Nurses and midwives – this was Training the Trainers, so they will now be able to train others.
Tonya, Vanessa (our translator), Dr’s Lindsey and the head of the local health department.
Learning how to use the ‘Mama-Natalie’ a birthing simulator.
DeeAnn and Sister Groberg comparing notes.
Tonya, Dr. Lindsey and Vanessa
The Mama-Natalie, including the pail to catch the simulated blood coming out…hey, it’s gotta be real.
Instructing the students.  Yes, the men got to wear the simulator!
End of Day 1
At dinner – 550,000 Rp for everyone ($40)

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