Last week we went to a book release featuring a book written by a lady who is very active in the refugee effort in Indonesia.  An unusual book release, because when we went to buy one, they didn’t have any in English and only a very few in Bahasa.


It was a discussion format, featuring the author and two other refugee workers – one of whom was Kalsoom Jaffari, our partner with the Refugee School in Cipayung.


Kalsoom is a terrific lady and does SO much good.  She is trying to open another school here in Jakarta and we’ll try and do something.  What she would like to do is a start a program for the men and boys – either educational or sports – anything to keep them busy.  They sit around all day and play video games or watch TV and get more depressed.  Very sad…


However, first they need a facility, whcih in Jakarta is not easy, becasue everything here is expensive.  So she will continue to work on that and we’ll give some thought to what we could do…


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