The Bitung Flood – Step 4 – More

After our delivery, we were able to talk to Sefferson and Risdiani ‘ok, that the ‘dust’ has settled, and lots of supplies have been delivered, what didn’t you get and what do you need?  So the answer was ‘underwear, milk, and mosquito repellent’

So on Wednesday before our flight, we went back to Indogrosir (their Sam’s Club) and bought the milk and mosquito stuff.  Jemmy went to the downtown market and bought 96 dozen pairs of underwear, men’s and women’s in all sizes!


This will all get delivered on Thursday or Friday by President Mongan.

So we’re “done” with Bitung, but 4 other villages in the area were also affected, so with the money we have left over, we sent President Mongan to assess those places and come back with what they need.  We suspect it will be pretty much the same, but maybe not – so we’ll just find out and go from there.

We have the Helping Babies Breathe team from the US coming in Sunday night.  We were going to be with them the entire week in Pandeglang (they’ll be teaching Dr’s nurses, etc.) about some medical techniques).  Now, we’ll just go with them on Monday and get them settled into the hotel, have the opening dinner with Perinasia (our partner), then leave for Manado on Tuesday.  We might be back by the end of the week to join them again.


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