Odds & Ends

Sister Baird and DeeAnn leaning to make Bakpia – a flaky cookie filled with mung bean, cheese or chocolate.  Very tasty!
In exchange for the bakpia lesson, DeeAnn sang a few songs…
On the way to the office on Thursday, the road was blocked with a demonstration.  So we got out and walked through it.  No problem – not even any dirty looks….
At dinner in Manado, President Mongan brought his family – including a 3-month old.  DeeAnn got be grandma for a little bit!
‘Singers’ – a unique bronze casting at Yamugur
Mangy dogs at the Bitung flood area.
Every building, office, apartment, etc. as uniformed security guards
Laying a new driveway in the Indonesian squat….they can maintain this position seemibgly for hours.
Sea of bikes parked near the office
“Paoka” (pa-oke-ah) – he makes a few coins by stopping traffic when a bike or car needs to cut in….
These signs are on the warungs (little roadside restaurants) that are everywhere.  Nasi Uduk is rice cooked with coconut milk and Ayam Goreng is fried chicken.  They must serve eel (belut) and duck (bebek) also.

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