Odds & Ends

Quite a few pics this time:

A typical road-side “gas station” out in the sticks.  They fill old soda bottles with gas and (mostly) motorcycles can stop quickly and buy a little gas rather than try and make it all the way to a real station.
The credit card stopped working, so we had to get cash – stacks and stacks of cash.  Gets a little bulky since the largest bill is 100,000 Rp. ($7.50) and you spend a lot!
Fish and crab at the restaurant – pick what you want….
Grilled red snapper – beyond good….
Good counsel
A pair of trash pickers doing what they do – they rake through the garbage looking for recyclables, food, useful stuff, etc. and then load it into their cart.  Notice the guy in the garbage has bare feet.  Very sad…
Bikes drive down the little pedestrian walkways …..
Jakarta’s contrast – clothes hanging off the balcony next to the new high-rise.
goofballs clowning for the bule…these guys cook at the warung in the background.
Odd number of hours to be open – and you don’t usually see the hours on the sign!  There are very few clubs and lounges around – most natives don’t drink (at least at a club), so this one caters to the Chinese.  Who else would call their club ‘Tipsy’?
An odd percentage to discount stuff..
The new sign at our apartment
Yes, we can!!!!
Many of the street food carts use the little gas cans – so this guy walks around selling them off his cart.
Rambutan – strange looking fruit, but tastes pretty good
They always think it’s so funny when the bule wants to take their foto!
Little Muslim girl having a swim lesson.
Carrying supplies to her food cart straight ahead….
Street worker’s broom

We called my sister today – it’s her birthday – and she asked us ‘so, you’ve been there going on 6 months – do you like it’?  Unequivocally, the answer is YES.  It’s a unique, terrific experience, both being in a new and different culture and experiencing the wonderful  Indonesian people, but also being able to serve the Lord, doing what we can do for some of the Indonesian people that can’t do for themselves.


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