Zone Conference / Yamuger

A short zone conference was held at the mission office and Sisters Buell, Baird and Moss had to get it all ready per Sister Rowley’s instructions.



Elder Baird and Elder Moss
The Sisters
The Elders

After this, it was off to a meeting with Yamuger (Yayasan Geraja Musik Indonesia) – the Church Music Association of Indonesia.  The meeting with Yamuger was to visit with them about their interest in helping host the BYU Acapella Choir  when they visit Indonesia in May of 2018.  Since the Baird’s are leaving in two weeks and are not being replaced, there needs to be some continuity with the relationship with Yamuger – so we were elected (or volunteered or something!)

Tigor (at the head of the table), Sony and Ramos.

Yamuger is interested, so we will find a way to keep this going and have them be a part of this concert.  Whether it’s workshops with a couple of music schools, separate concerts, students, or whatever, it should be very good.  (Side note – Tigor is an engineer and volunteers with Yamugur.  He is also president of a very nice golf course here in Jakarta and he’s invited me to play golf with him!  Hopefully I can find the time to take him up on it!)

After the meeting, Ramos volunteered to drive us back to town (the meeting was in Tangerang, a far suburb of Jakarta).  On the way, he gave us a fascinating discourse on Jakarta politics and the recent election.  Again, the west has been portraying the election as a “Christian vs. Hard Liner’s” (ie; Muslim) – (it even appeared in USA Today).  But it is not really about religion – it’s about money.  The so-called hard liners are being paid big money by the Christian’s opponents to stir up trouble – and the best they can do is make up a religious conflict.  Ahok (the Christian governor of Jakarta running for re-election) is VERY popular, so it’s really interesting to see it all unfold.  OK – enough about Indonesian politics!




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