Odds and Ends

A few random pics:


There’s good news and bad news concerning bacon: yes, we CAN get real bacon; but, it costs $35 a pound ….I like bacon, but at that price, I can live without it…


In the taxi line at Pacific Place Mall – yes, that’s a Prada store.


Trying to get a taxi when it’s pouring down rain.


I think he’s carrying insulation


Selling shoes, shoe shines, etc.


Indonesia’s marketing motto is everywhere 


When there’s no taxi at the apartment (usually there’s a line of them), we have to go down to the street to get one.  The security guy helps flag one down..


Grab motorcycles are everywhere – like Uber, you just call up the app and a ride is there within a minute.  (Missionaries are not allowed to ride them for safety reasons.)  Here is a grab driver talking on the phone setting up a ride…  while he is driving down the road


Here’s the Grab guy right behind the other one, using his mounted phone.  They’d be out of business without their phone…

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