Blood Drive / Bank Mata (Eye Bank)

We have been working with Bank Mata, the first Indonesian c0rnea donation bank.  It is VERY unusual for Indonesians to donate organs so it is slow-going to overcome the perceived  objections to donating a cornea.  The head of the cornea bank is Indonesian (and a Muslim), so it will just take a little time.

A friend who works at the US Embassy mentioned that the embassy was having a blood drive on Feb 14 and offered to let Bank Mata set up an information booth.  Perfect!

The lady 2nd from left is Dr. Varkha, the US Embassy Dr. 
We both tried to donate blood, but were turned down – I had taken an antibiotic in the last 5 days and DeeAnn’s  blood pressure was too low.  Better than it being too high!
These folks were approved


The early report was that most people were taking an application to consider it and they had already signed up 3 in the first 2 hours!  There is a health fair in April, so they will be coming back then.

This is inside the embassy grounds looking toward the entrance.  Security is naturally tight – guards and gates everywhere.  The yellow and black striped plate is VERY heavy steel and is raised and lowered each time a vehicle enters the compound.   There is NO WAY a car could ram through two gates and then go through the plate – the car’s radiator would hit the top edge of the plate.

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