Yayasan Musik Geraja Indonesia

Since we didn’t go to Bandung, we went with the Baird’s to the 50th anniversary concert of the Indonesian Church Music Organization.  The Baird’s had met a fellow who worked for the organization and he had given them tickets.  So we went.  And it was fantastic.


It was a collection of about 10-12 choirs from various Christian congregations around Jakarta and they were really good.


Children’s group from a Catholic School
One group even had dancers!
A cutie!



One choir used Anklung, a traditional Indonesian instrument made from bamboo.
John 3:16



The concluding song had all of them signing together.

One university chorale group sang in Latin, English and Indonesian and were absolutely phenomenal.  We spoke to one of the directors and he said they had auditioned and were accepted into a competition in the USA, but were denied a visa.  Sad, because they were exceptional.

In keeping with most Indonesian productions, it was long – about 3 hours.  They have to make sure everyone is recognized, and that everyone gets a chance to speak, so that parts just seems to go on forever!

At the conclusion, they brought out a rice cone, which is used in traditional Indonesian celebrations.  The top of the cone is cut off and given to someone of honor – in this case it was given to one of the original founders of the group 50 years prior.  Then several other layers are cut off and given to other honorees.


One of the honorees

Then, also in keeping with Indonesian get-togethers like these, there was food.  They almost always have these food boxes with rice, vegetables, chicken or fish, tofu and maybe salad.  The chicken and rice  was really good; the fish….well, little anchovy-like critters as seen below:

I actually ate these little bad boys – crispy and very salty. 

It was a very enjoyable evening with some very talented singers, singing some excellent Church music.



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