Odds & Ends

A new sign at our apartment!
This is the champion so far….
Construction project right outside our apartment.  Notice the hammock rigged up right in the middle!
I was at the store looking for some aluminum foil and couldn’t find it.  Who knew it would be next to the toys and Play Doh?! 
A little kiosk store in the mall selling crispy snacks in bulk.  How they don’t go stale is beyond me…
Construction guys taking a noon siesta….
Typical sidewalk
Went to lunch the other day at the Gunawarman, a VERY nice place in a very old building right near the office.  Won’t be going back – at $20 for two, it’s way too expensive!  (Remember, we can eat chicken satay and rice for $1.75 for two!!)


We wanted to try it so we went with the Baird’s…Really good, but….
Every super-fancy place needs some extremely expensive modern art…so modern that if you look close over the guys’ head, there’s a piece of a Cheeto’s bag taped to it….there’s another piece over the artist’s name on the far right
I didn’t ask, but I’m sure I can’t afford a painting with a torn Cheeto’s bag….too bad, because I really wanted it…



2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends”

  1. Do you eat at BYU for lunch…Bumiayu just down the street from the office or at least it use to be. I always got the spicy potatoes with rice and chicken – Mary did not trust it so she got soup because the boiled it.


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