Service Project – Taman Mini

We had a meeting today with Taman Mini, the Indonesian park devoted to the different cultures and provinces of Indonesia.  When DeeAnn and I were there a month or so ago, we noticed the huge amount of trash around the park.  We thought it might be a great Stake service project to have the members come one day and help  clean up!  So we talked to Subandriyo (he agreed) and President Djarot (he agreed – he’s the Stake President – pronounced “Jaro”).  President Djaro then assigned Kevin, a young man recently returned from his mission here in Indonesia to head up the project.

So today, we took Kevin and his friend Bima (who had also just returned from his mission to New Zealand), to meet with the maintenance manager at Taman Mini to discuss the service project.  Bima spoke outstanding English since he had been in New Zealand.  In fact, he said he had forgotten Indonesian just like the English speakers forget English when they go to a foreign mission!

Agus and Rini, maintenance managers at Taman Mini

It was a great meeting because we let Kevin and Bami lead the discussion and ‘take charge’ in working with Agus and Rini.  (It was also all in Bahasa Indonesian!)  But we just sat back, asked a few questions to make sure everyone was clear and also made sure the park understood we were not trying to gain free entrance into the park – that we would pay our entrance AND even buy the trash bags!


They were MOST appreciative and told us it had been may years since any group had ever come and volunteered to help with anything at the park.  The anniversary of the park is April 20 (a Thursday), so we agreed to have the Jakarta Stake come on Saturday, April 22 (which also happens to be Earth Day) to have the Taman Mini Service Project.  Stay tuned!

Walking back to the entrance, the tour bus drivers know how to relax!



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