Dr. Titi

Monday, our friend Dr. Titi was able to meet Dr. Bill Jackson, head of Charity Vision – you can Google it to get more info: http://www.charityvision.net.  Long story, but Bill Jackson has a vision program similar to (but actually much larger than) the LDSC Vision Major Initiative. He runs his charity from Provo and is very active in Asia, including Indonesia.  He and his wife were at the dinner Saturday evening honoring Dr. TD.  (Dr. Jackson introduced Dr. Jarstad to Dr. TD 25 years ago.)  We met him as well and during our conversation, he mentioned he had some friends who were interested in cleft lip and palate surgery, so we told him we had just the person he needed to meet!  So over the weekend we arranged a meeting between Dr. Jackson and Dr. Titi Monday afternoon.


It was a great meeting and hopefully something will come out of it.

One of the projects Dr. Titi has is working with poor women in her area by teaching them to make jewelry so they can have an income when it is sold at the hospital.  So DeeAnn told her to bring some of the jewelry to the meeting, in hopes Dr. Jackson and his wife would buy some – and they did!



Sister Jackson holding some of the jewelry.


It was a great meeting and a great introduction for Dr. Titi.  It was a great introduction for Dr. Jackson too!


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