Odds and Ends

We had an appointment with Dr. Titi this week to discuss 2017 and what the hospital needed.  Our appointment was for 8:30 am, so we left at 7:00 am, just because you never know with Jakarta traffic.  So we arrived at 7:45 and she of course wasn’t even there. Luckily, she  lives right next door, so we just waited on the steps out front and took a few pics of the passerby’s:

Vegetables for sale
This is Dr. Titi’s grandson and sitter, waiting for their ride to his school.  A few years ago, LDSC furnished a room in the hospital with interactive toys, blocks, etc., for kids with Downs Syndrome.  She says he claims it as his very own!  
I’m pretty sure the little girl in front is just holding on, not steering.
Local junk man, collecting whatever looks interesting


Still looking for my family of 5 on a bike!

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends”

  1. I must say that you are the best mission bloggers we have ever followed. In the few months you have been in Indonesia you have posted more photos and information about the country and your mission than we did in our 18 months there. One thing I would like to see more of is pictures of the young missionaries but President Rowley does a great job of doing that on Facebook. Our prayers will continue to be with you.


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