Limbs for the Limbless – Semarang

Several weeks ago we signed our new agreement with Yaysan Peduli Tuna Daksa (Limbs for the Limbless).  Part of the agreement was that they could use the LDS Church buildings in whatever cities we had them and they were thrilled with that option!.  So their first assessment under the agreement was today at the LDS building in Semarang.


Crowd starting to gather
The “paoka” helping the traffic get in and out of the building.  The pockets of his vest are full of coins
With Jay and Bagus – they were at the front door checking people in
DeeAnn with Sayaid, the PTD employee that was conducting the assessment and a few of his helpers.

Assessments do no take very long per patient – they look at the problem and determine if a prosthesis will help.  If it will, a plaster cast is made, which just takes a few minutes, and the person is on their way.  If a prosthetic will not help, the person is (sadly and unfortunately) sent away.  If the patient cannot walk or support themselves, or if their leg will not straighten, a prosthetic leg (or legs) will not help and what they probably need is a wheelchair.  If that is the case, they are referred to UCP/RUK, our wheelchair partner.

This person already had an LDSC / UCP chair
Making the cast
This little guy has already outgrown his first leg and is getting his second!
Donita and her mom were first in line at 7:30 am.  She needs a foot.


Nanto “tatted up” his old leg!  He says he’s going to do the same with his new one!
This man and his son were there bright and early….
One of the more interesting patients was Sisonto, who contracted polio at age 2.
His “legs” are an ancient set of braces, leather straps (some broken) and belts that takes him quite a while to put on and take off.
His ancient crutches – we offered to look at getting him some new aluminum ones, and he said no thanks – they were too light and made him slip.


With his trike motorcycle, he’s pretty mobile
And he’s off!
Making the plaster cast
Casts lined up outside drying.  They’ll be taken back to Jakarta and made into legs or arms


Happy moms and kids
Several buses of people came
After all the plaster casts, there was kind of a mess to clean up.  DeeAnn and Sayaid doing just that….Yes I helped
Finishing up the floor – but you can still see the plaster dust on the carpet!

It was a great day!  We started at 7:30 and ended up about 2:30.  There were about 75 people assessed.  We will be back on March 9 to fit them with their new legs and arms!  The people were so nice, so in need and so appreciative.  These prosthetics can make such a difference in their lives and it is so humbling helping the Lord helping His children.  As the people were very carefully getting out of the bus, walking with great effort into the waiting area, struggling on crutches, wheelchairs or with a severe limping, with some even being carried, I couldn’t help but think of the scripture, ‘and the lame shall walk’.  After this program, they will indeed!


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