Walking to the Mall

After the wedding we came home and rested a while, then walked from our apartment to Ciputra World Mall.  It was the first time we had done that since we are just getting our bearings and realized Ciputra was very close.  “Getting our bearings” seems very odd since I am NOT normally directionally challenged but Jakarta is a unique challenge.  The saying “you can’t get there from here”  is almost true – it’s absolutely true if you add “without a lot of detours”.  There is no grid, few crosswalks, few stoplights (that anyone pays attention to), no way to cross streets without climbing over barriers, sidewalks just end, etc.  Pedestrians are not wanted here.  But Ciputra is a straight shot up one street, so we walked it.

See what I mean?  They don’t make it easy…
A little side detour through a shanty area.  They clearly have nothing, but were still smiling.


They wanted me to take a ‘foto’ with their boy
Proud papa
Contrasts – notice the high-rises in the background
Chips, donuts, krupuk, all kinds of snacks on this colorful cart

Food carts everywhere, serving just about everything.

img_4204-1   img_4209

img_4210-1  img_4211-1


Navigating their carts of goods through the traffic can be tricky, but they do it all the time.
Code?  We don’t need no stinkin’ code!
Open space – some valuable land!  The Aryaduta complex is at 2 o’clock (with the cupola’s on top); our apartment is the building on the left – 17th floor – looking out on the construction project
This is the end of the “sidewalk” for a while…had to walk in the street until it mysteriously reappeared.
A little sidewalk market next door (literally a few feet) from the fancy mall.
DeeAnn is next to the market in the above pic, the mall entrance is straight ahead
We see chickens all the time – but not usually on a busy city street!
Stopped at Johnny Rockets (yes, they have it here) for a milkshake.  Tiny tissue paper serve as napkins in all restaurants here.  Why, we do not know, because you have to use 10 of them to do any good!
Stopped in the grocery store in the basement (all malls have grocery stores in the basement) and saw SCOOPS!  Wow – a rare treat to even see them, but an expensive one at 87,500 Rp a can ($6.50)!
Longest deadlocks I’ve ever seen – almost down to his knees
So far, just about everything we want drug-wise is available OTC with no prescription.  Often they are out of stock, but they can order it!  She’s looking up the Indonesian generic version.




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