Helping Babies Breathe II

This morning we attended the first session of the second group of Midwives being trained in HBB.   So we were placed at the front table when introductions were made and I was asked to say a few words.  So I said we were grateful to be there, we were grateful for Perinasia and for their skill in teaching this critical skill, we were grateful for the University and we were especially grateful for the student Midwives who were there learning to save babies and help mothers, because nothing was more important than babies and families.  The Midwives were doing God’s work in hekping babies and families and we were grateful to play a small part in providing the mannequins and training materials.

Welcoming slide acknowledging LDSC as a sponsor 
The class of Midwives.  Embarrassing, but they always want us front and center.  Sam (our translator), is kneeling on the front row.
Selfie waiting for the camera to get set up.
Learning the proper way to wash their hands
Same setup as the last class – an instructor and 6 students.

It was really a pleasure to spend time with these students – they are so humble, so attentive and so nice to us – always smiling and always pleasant.

The HBB team from the US is coming the end of February / early March to hold a large training session in Pandeglang, Indonesia with Dr’s and Nurses, and a group of Trainer Midwives – basically a Train the Trainer session. This will be an entire week and we are so looking forward to spending time with the US team!


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