The Daily Routine

Mores senior couples should know that life as a missionary is really pretty good!  For example, we get to Facetime or Skype with the family whenever we want, we go to the movies, we have a TV in our apartment, and we even have a gym and pool at our apartment that we use every day.

Doing her stretches
Getting after it!
A very nice gym
Outside the gym in the courtyard
Really cool palm trees here – like a fan 
Fan palm

Our daily routine really depends on where we are: if we are home (in Jakarta), we get up at 5:30 am or so and get to the gym (Mon, Wed, Fri) or the pool (Tue, Thur, Sat) by 6:00 am. Our workout at the gym consists of stretches, weight lifting, and the elliptical machine or the treadmill – for about an hour.  Then shower, breakfast, get ready and catch a taxi around 8:30-8:45 am to get to the office – usually by 9:00 am.

Work at the office is typically planning future projects, working with partners on current projects, filling out reports for Hong Kong (the Area Office), lots of emails, etc. etc. etc.  We stay at the office until 3:00 pm or so, then try to beat the traffic home (it gets pretty bad later in the afternoon). At home, we check emails, etc.  Then dinner, a little TV, read, and bed by 10-ish.

When we are out of town, all bets are off!  Traveling here is definitely not the same as traveling in the US so it’s taken a little while to learn the ropes.  It is after all, a foreign country!  We are still learning, but are much more comfortable now.  We fly to a lot of our destinations – flights here are very cheap – but since we never know how long it will take to get any airport, (traffic ranges from bad to really bad to ridiculously bad) so we have to allow much more time.  We also have to really pay attention at the airports because they tend to change gates and not really tell anyone (or maybe just us), so we’re still learning to pay particular attention to this.  Senior missionaries stay in nicer hotels (we try and find ones with a pool and gym) and they only run about $50 per night, with breakfast.  (In the US, these same hotels would easily run $150+.)  Also as senior missionaries, we are able to hire a local member to rent a car (many do not have cars – only motorcycles) and drive for us to get us where we need to be and to translate.  So senior missionaries get the best of all worlds and we love it!

So tomorrow we’re taking the train to Bandung – Executive Class tickets cost $16 each. While there, we are following up an old project at a special needs school, attending a training of Dr’s and Nurses by Perinasia (our partner in Maternal and Newborn Care)  and attend Church in the Bandung Branch on Sunday, then catch the train back to Jakarta Sunday night.  A full weekend!


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