Taman Mini II

A few extra pics from Taman Mini:

A Papuan family compound – several huts – the large one in the rear for the husband, 4 smaller ones for each wife, a kitchen and a barn.  DeeAnn with Nining and a Papuan volunteer 
No comment
Sitting on the floor
A bit odd – to get around the park, you can drive a car or motorcycle, ride a bike, a bus, a tram, a train or walk.  It’s sort of every man for himself – you can park where you want, walk where you want, drive where you want…. Again, an accident waiting to happen, but everyone manages to stay out of each other’s way. 
In the Bali village – holding my little figurine
Another example of ‘foto’ bombing
Nining sitting by a huge barn with gigantic sections of tree trunks.  There was no sign about where they were from, what they were for, what kind of tree they were,  or their purpose.  But they were most impressive…   
More trees
Outside the park, everyone still wanted our pic..

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