Odds and Ends

Seems like a lot of odds and ends lately, with nothing but random thoughts and observations.  There will be more serious posts as the new year (and projects) start up again, but in the meantime:

You can send a couple of goofballs on a mission, but they’re still goofballs….

img_2989   img_2991

Lost my balance (you do that when you’re old) and peeled off some skin off my arm.  Ouch!!
At Ezra Subandriyo’s birthday party.
Subandriyo (“SB”), Tessa and Ezra and Steffi (SB’s wife).  Great family – Ezra is SB’s son.  It was an honor to be invited to his birthday
Took my guitar and we spent some time singing – great fun and Tessa has a great voice!  She used to sing in a group!
Sofa in the hotel lobby.  Sometimes, the furniture here can be a bit odd…
Daughter Holly and her husband Jason.  Great parents, great people.  She’s expecting #4!!
A birds eye view of the pool and tennis court at our apartment…nice…
A New Year’s Eve view of Jakarta from our apartment.  Can’t tell from the pic, but fireworks were ALL over the city – a HUGE celebration.
A beautiful day at Church – the grounds and landscaping are really nice
Everyone enjoys the beautiful lawn in front
On the grounds of the Church, DeeAnn noticed a pineapple plant






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