Odds & Ends

It’s been fairly quiet over the holidays – lots of people take time off, as they do in the States.  So, it will have to be another edition of ‘Odds & Ends’:

The huge buildings you see surround the Mission office,  In fact, we are so surrounded, there is our office and one other small building next door.  That’s it – both are surrounded by high rises plus the new construction you see here.  Just down the street from the office is this small street that is destined to be closed and the small shacks razed as soon as construction is complete – supposedly late in 2017.  So all these small businesses and warungs (food shops) will close.


Hopefully, my satay guy can stay – he is across the street (and you can see lunch cooking!)   This is looking across the street to the shacks that will be torn down.
Makasan padang – mostly fried food in the window ready to be sold for lunch.
Shacks scheduled to be razed.  You can see the new construction behind it on the left.
Inside one of the stores.  It’s amazing they sell enough to say open
On the right, you can see the back of the shacks that will be torn down 
Construction workers taking a noon siesta – or whatever they call it in Indonesian!
Walking back to the office, this guy insisted I take his ‘foto’.  So I did!

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