Nangka (Jackfruit)

Another first – DeeAnn and I both tried Jackfruit today.  Yesterday, Dr. Titi came by to discuss some of her hospital needs and brought a Jackfruit for us.  She said that one of the cleft lip patients gave it to her and wanted her to bring it to the missionaries.  We found out later that a large, ripe Jackfruit like this one are about 100,000 Rp ($7.50) so definitely not inexpensive!

So today, we opened it up – no small venture:

About the size of a basketball, here it is cut open.
Very messy and sticky to get the edible parts.  Good once you get to it, but almost more trouble than it’s worth!
Finally, the edible pod – after you get rid of the white bitter part.  Inside each pod is a large seed that some people boil and eat.
DeeAnn, Sujud (Service Center Purchasing) and Sister cutting open the Jackfruit
Hard to describe the flavor – sweet (but not too) and chewy



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