Limbs for the Limbless

We were able to visit our partner Yayasan Peduli Tuna Daksa (Limbs for the Limbless) today and sign our agreement for 2017!  Our funds will assist PTD in manufacturing, assessment and fitting prosthetic limbs for a number of needy Indonesians.  Currently, the Indonesian government only pays for a small percentage of the cost, so PTD does a great work in providing prosthetic limbs.

Signing the agreement between PTD (Vashdev Dhal, President) and LDS Charities (Br. Subandriyo, LDSC Leader)
Br. Subandriyo touring the production facility with Said
Shaping a leg
Shaping a leg

Part of our agreement allows PTD to use LDS facilities all over Indonesia for assessing and fitting.  Our buildings are easy to find,  air conditioned,  clean and available – perfect for what PTD needs – and it gets community members inside our Church buildings.  A great fit!



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