Selamat Hari Natal (Merry Christmas!) Plus, BIG NEWS!

Merry Christmas from Jakarta, Indonesia!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday season and they remember why we celebrate this season.  While Santa Claus and colorful trees and decorations are fun, they have nothing to do with the birth of the Savior and event that changed the world.  We are grateful for that and for Him and to be here, serving.

BIG NEWS!  This morning was Christmas Day here, but Christmas Eve in California.  Holly and her family were so excited to call (actually Facetime) and wish us Merry Christmas and then open a couple gifts while we were watching.  So the girls opened new T-Shirts that read ‘Big Sister Again, June 2017’!  So Holly used that to announce she was expecting number 4 in June!!  We’re very excited for her and the Kelley Circus!  She was filming the FT and posted it on her FB page.. I guess my face showed complete shock!

So backing up to Christmas Eve Day here – the other two couples serving here and we decided to have a very nice Christmas eve lunch so we went to the Salt Grill in the Plaza building.  The stunning view from the 46th floor overlooking Jakarta:



We’re not sure why, but they put us in the corner VIP room with glass on two sides.  You can see the view – WOW!
This is looking the other way into the restaurant
Lunch was great – a little long (3 hours) and a little pricey, but very good


Actually, traffic is very light….

Then this evening we attended the Jakarta  2nd Ward Christmas party.  As it turns out, Mothers Day in Indonesia is December 25, so the first hour and a half was a Mother’s day program.  Then they started with the Christmas program:

Stage backdrop
Waiting to start
Primary sings!
Primary danced to “Jingle Bell Rock”
The Young Women danced to “Feliz Navidad”

We were supposed to sing – the couples had two numbers worked up (“Winter Wonderland” and “What Child is This”) then DeeAnn was going to sing “Mary Did You Know” but we didn’t do any of it.  They had a full program and it was running late and we would have to stay for the rest of the program following dinner – so we called it a night.  Just as well – it isn’t about us – it’s about them.

We know the Savior is real and his atonement is real.  We are so grateful to be in His service here in Indonesia.  We love it!


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