Odds & Ends

Our next trip is to the Bekasi Ward Christmas party (a 3-day extravaganza – yes you read that right), but we are only going for one day.  So we leave in the morning, drive the 3 hours to the festivities, then leave at 6:00 am Friday morning because we need to be back to Senopati (the Mission Office) to help put on the Jakarta Zone Christmas Party.

So, in the meantime, a few more random pics:

I was not aware that it must be acceptable to refer to Muslim women who wear a hijab (the traditional Muslim headcover)  as a “hijaber”.
The 50-story construction project outside our apartment.  The yellow machine is the concrete pumper (incredibly loud, especially at 3:00 am) with plenty of supply lined up.
She was tired….
Indonesia has the ice cream man too, but here he drives a motorcycle instead of a truck
Blue Bird OWNS the taxi market here – small taxis, larger vans like this (Big Bird), large charter buses (Super Big Bird), Silver Bird (Mercedes taxis), Golden Bird (luxury taxis)
A different view of us singing in Bandung
This kid driving is all of maybe 12 (legal age is 17).


Our apartment building is amazingly clean – they wash the lobby windows inside and out and mop the marble floor (inside and outside) every day.
And, they vacuum and clean the pool every morning at 6:00 am. 

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