Odds & Ends

A few random pics and observations:

img_2715   img_2713

The two ladies that work in the building as sort of ‘greeters’ – they sit by the door and say hello.  Nice hats….

Took my first ride in a bajai the other day.  DeeAnn was getting her hair cut so I went to the store.  It was actually more expensive than a taxi because it is not metered and I’m a bule – enough said…..
Train stop at a small town near Bandung.  I just thought “Chick-a-dong-dong” sounded funny. 
If you need to go, don’t wait until you get on the train….   
Every hotel has slippers in the room.  But it always strikes us as odd that you see people wearing them everywhere – lobby, dining room, elevators.  It’s as if they have no shoes of their own…. 
Sometimes bikes carry things bigger than the bike!

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