Yes, it’s true – even guys as young as I have birthdays.  As it was this past Friday, I turned a whopping 64.  As is custom here in Indonesia, the birthday boy (or girl) gets to provide lunch.  So it was mie bakso (meatball soup with noodles) and ice cream.  The soup was fairly inexpensive, the ice cream, umm….was not.  Oh well, it only comes around once a year!


Me, Sujud (purchasing), Tatok (physical facilities), Ari (President’s assistant and all-around go-to guy), Anna (translation), Lia (Seminaries & Institues, Family History).  It was batik Friday, so notice my all-white batik shirt (white-on-white-on-white) and batik tie…. 



Bishop Soewignyo (Bogor 2nd) and caterer


DeeAnn with krupuk – same consistency as a rice cake (some would say styrofoam) but tastes way better.  Usually made with a shrimp or fish flavor mixed with the dough then fried.  Actually quite good. 



Ari pretty much knows everything, or knows who does.


One response to “Birthday”

  1. MaryandBill Pier says :

    It was fun to see some of the office people we served with 10 years ago are still there…the tie looks good on you Elder Buell!


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