Bandung Branch Christmas Party

President Rowley has assigned us to visit the Bandung Branch at least once a month.  So this past weekend we took the 3.5 hour train ride to attend the Bandung Branch Christmas Party Saturday afternoon / evening and to attend Church on Sunday.

The after-party pic (can you find DeeAnn?)

We even had a chance to sing a couple songs at the “talent” portion of the program.  I bought a guitar a few weeks ago, so I’ve been playing to build up my callouses.  So I played and DeeAnn did a great job singing Mary Did You Know and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.  



The Elder’s even got in the act
Brother Edi and family (in matching batik) and Elder “Santa” Gordon

It may seem odd, but as Humanitarian missionaries, but we don’t get to do a lot of traditional “missionary” work.  We have to be very careful that no one connects or associates us with the receipt of Humanitarian service.  In no way can there be a message that even remotely suggests the receipt of such service (a wheelchair, books for a school, etc.) is in anyway dependent on joining the Church.   So we have to be, and are, very careful.  But we can visit less actives, so we will do that when we can as we visit Bandung. Several weeks ago, we visited Sam, a young man that had joined the Church in Taiwan over a year ago, but had not been attending very much since he returned to Indonesia.  During our visit, we had invited him to come to Stake Conference and he came!  Then, last week I had texted him and told him I hoped to see him at the Christmas party and he came to that!  So at the end of the evening, I asked him if he would translate for us at Church the next day.  And he did that as well.  So it was good day.

DeeAnn and I with Sam Sidikin

Unfortunately, I went back to the hotel and went to bed sick with some kind of flu – ache all over, fever, chills, ugh.  Then DeeAnn started feeling bad Monday morning, so by the time we finally got home late Monday afternoon, we were beat and SOOO glad to be home.



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