The Bus from Magalang to Jogja

We had to be back in Jogja first thing Monday morning, so after lunch at the Jeffrey’s we took the bus – 50,000 Rp each ($3.75).Luckily it was just the usual adventure – not the adventure that the Rowley’s had, who took the bus two hours before us.  Their bus’ transmission caught fire so everyone had to get out and hitchhike to the airport.  President said, they had no sooner got off the bus, that a nice Muslim family (man, wife and two kids) stopped and offered them a ride.  So, President Rowley, fluent speaker of Indonesian that he is, had a great time!

So compared to that, our trip much less eventful.  It was however, the bluest bus on the planet:



An old building – maybe a barn?




This gentleman from Papua (dressed in traditional loincloth) was just walking along the street.  However, he does not compare to the guy we saw the next day who looked very similar, except there was no loin cloth!  

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